Nightly Beauty Routine

Senario: You have been out on the town with the girls. You have had a few cocktails and are totally pooped by the time you get home.  What do you do? Crawl in to bed, or drag your butt in to the powder room and wash your face? If you answered crawl in to bed… this post is for you!

After years of dealing with troubled skin I have finally found a nightly routine that seems to work for me.

The worst thing you can possibly do for your skin is to not wash your makeup off at night. Even if all you wear is tinted moisturizer. Now, you may be thinking oh well my skin is fine and I still sleep in my makeup. Well that may be the case now, but you will be kicking yourself in a few years.


I use Oil of Olay Age Defying bar soap to wash off my makeup. It’s gentle enough to wash around the eye area, but strong enough to take off even waterproof mascara.

If you are having a particularly hard time removing makeup or have particularly oily skin try using a cleansing oil. I know, I know it seems crazy to use oil on oily skin. However, if you have ever heard the saying “they’re like oil and water”, it should make sense. Oil is attracted to oil and it repels water.

Oil of Olay Age Defying Bar Soap. (Image courtesy of

Oil of Olay Age Defying Bar Soap. (Image courtesy of


Never rub your skin!  That’s really all I have to say about that… Pat your skin dry.


Depending on your skin may not need a toner. Toner is essentially used to prepare the skin for moisturizer. If you have fairly normal skin, good old Thayers Witch Hazel works well. In my personal opinion anything containing alcohol is a BAD idea. Just say no!  Where I live it’s fairly dry and it takes a toll on my skin. I use the Lancome Tonique Confort toner. Just a little on a cotton ball is perfect!

Lancome Toner (Image courtesy of

Lancome Toner (Image courtesy of


This is so important! Finding the right moisturizer can be a savior to your skin. For a night time moisturizer you don’t want to use anything with SPF in it. It’s just not necessary and honestly it can build up on your pillow case. I use the Cetaphil moisturizing cream. I love this because it works so well on my face and I can use it as an all over body moisturizer.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (Image courtesy of

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (Image courtesy of

If you are looking for something to deal with dark spots or scars from acne. I LOVE the Bright Expert Dark Spot Corrector by Lancome followed by their Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Night cream.  If you are having trouble with your skin like I was it’s worth the cost. After using half of each I saw a big difference in the over all evenness of my skin.


The other thing you must do for your skin’s sake is change your pillow case regularly! If you are having problems with your skin on a regular basis… you might want to think about how often you wash you sheets. This is the one thing people rarely think about. Hair product, sweat, dead skin cells, all end up on your pillow case. If you have changed your skin care habits and are still having issues this may be the culprit. My advice, invest in several sets of white cotton pillow cases. Then every other day you can change them. When it’s time to wash them you can use bleach and hot water.

I also like to drink a few cups of green tea before I go to bed. It helps with inflammation and puffiness.

Remember… each person has different skin needs. This is just what works for me. I hope some of the tips are helpful in fighting any skin troubles you might be having!

(Please be aware I was not paid to give my opinions on any these products.)


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