Valentine’s day crafts

Well, the day of pink, red, hearts, and roses is upon us! For those of you who like to get a bit crafty here is what I spent last night doing!

DIY Valentines Day cards

DIY Valentines Day cards

I don’t know about you… But I almost never find cards in the store that I like.  I usually end up making my own. Thanks to some seriously incredible bloggers I found some adorable free printables on pinterest!

Links for all of the printables are at the end!

All you need for these adorable cards are…

Some blank greeting cards. (I stock up on these when they go on sale at my local craft store… I can get about 100 for $5.00)

Some adhesive photo corners


Markers in assorted colors.


You can then customize your cards for all of your loved ones!!

DIY Valentines day cards

DIY Valentines day cards

Here are the links for the images!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


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