My fascination with The Oscars

“There is no end. There is no Beginning. There is only infinite passion for life.” – Federico Fellini

I have always been fascinated with The Oscars.

It started very early on when my mom introduced me to classic films. I met Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers for the first time when I was about five years old in “Top Hat”.

 I fell in love with film immediately.

Watching the red carpet was always an event for me. Loving fashion and wanting to design evening gowns made the experience that much more important.

But the love really began when my mom used to tell me stories about going to the Oscars.

Yes, that’s right. Going to the Oscars!

My mom was the first female head usher at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles.

The Music Center. Where the Oscars used to be held.

Scan 142270235 Scan 142270237Scan 142270236

I saw pictures of her in her uniform next to the ABC camera man, saw all of her badges… then one day she brought out the ultimate in Oscar memorabilia.

Her collection of programs! I nearly cried.


A small portion of my mom’s amazing collection I hope to have framed one day.

She has at least 10 years worth of programs!

Including the 50th anniversary program.

When I opened this program and the accompanying book the first thing you see is a thank you.

To the patroness of the 50th anniversary Academy Awards. Her Serene Highness Princess Grace Of Monaco.


Golden Anniversary Oscars

Along with all of her programs she had another amazing experience… She was a seat filler in the front row when Jack Lemmon’s wife was late to the show!

I often wonder if my mom feels nostalgic about those times when she watches the Oscars with me. I often wonder if she realizes the kind of obsession she sparked in me with that first film.

Either way, this evening I will enjoy watching the Oscars and texting with my mom to chat about who we think should win, what they wore, and how these talented people will be remembered.

Happy Oscar Sunday everyone!


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