Oscars Red Carpet Review

I love the Oscars Red Carpet. It is by far my favorite of the entire year!

I sit with a bottle of wine or champagne, a sketch book, and wait.

We don’t do glamour much in this day and age so I like to see everyone dressed up and looking like really movie stars.

Here are some of my favorites from this years Oscars Red Carpet.

Emma Stone was my best dressed this year! It’s really unfortunate that the true chartreuse color of her dress didn’t photograph quite right. Either way I think she was styled perfectly! Her red hair,  chartreuse dress, and the creamy coral used on her lips and cheeks was absolute perfection.

Colorful Characters


Rosamund Pike and Dakota Johnson were both close seconds for me! They both looked like absolute perfection in scarlet red!

Red hot screen sirens



Black and White is always a good choice in my book and here us a little recap of my favorites! To be fair though… I am fairly certain that Reese Whitherspoon’s beautiful gown was actually ice blue and black. It photographed as white.

Meryl Streep… ahh what can I say about Meryl. She’s just perfect. That’s all and she looked divine!

Cate Blanchett was surprisingly understated for this year’s Oscars but she was gorgeous either way!  And can we just talk about her turquoise, aquamarine, and diamond bib necklace… DIVINE! It matched her eyes perfectly!

Margot Robbie was by far the commentators favorite. Over all she was just ok for me… Don’t get me wrong I think she is fabulous in general. But the dress was a little to loose and her hair wasn’t quite polished enough for the look. However, her 1.5 million dollar Van Cleef & Arpels necklace was ridiculously divine! Created for the Duchess of Windsor in the 30s the necklace is a working zipper made from 18K gold, diamonds, and sapphires. Don’t feel like wearing it as a necklace… the working zipper turns it in to a bracelet when it is zipped!

Zendaya looks like youthful perfection in Vivienne Westwood! Her stylist nailed it! Everything about her was perfect!

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture was probably one of the most surprising of the night. Her gown featured a modern take on the bustle! I can’t remember the last time I saw a patterned fabric like this on the red carpet!

Kelly Osborne… where do I begin. First, I love her… I just do. This dress was PERFECT for her! It fit her fabulously and it was youthful and fun! Her hair worked really well with it too!

Black and white


And on to my favorite couples! Just because they all looked like they were having such fun!

couples take the carpet



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