For my best friend on her birthday!

As Carrie said in the second to last episode of Sex and The City to her three best friends…

“Today I had a thought… What if I… what if I had never met you?”


That scene always gets me. I choke up a little every time I see it. Around this time of year I start to think about that very question.

I met my best friend the first day of college orientation at F.I.D.M. in Los Angeles. I sat across from the coolest girl… with long wavy hair, a larger than life smile, and a Bostonian accent that was almost not there. It just so happened she ended up sitting right next to me in Textile Science the first day of class. I knew immediately that she was someone different. I couldn’t have imagined then how much she would mean to me now.

Ten years later, through school, boyfriends, breakups, jobs, adventures, and living 3000 miles apart, we are still the best of friends! She means as much to me as any member of my family. She is my family!

I love you more than anything! Happy birthday to my best friend in the world! a5c614c1cc28d0515ba6ebac03caf2ce


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